Where can you take lessons?

Whatever your discipline you enjoy (skiing, surfing, snowblading, etc.), follow the advice of professionals to learn the basics or hone your technique!

For those of you looking for a fairly gentle learning curve when it comes to skiing, the resort offers a safe beginners’ area, with two gentle, easy-to-use ski lifts.

École du Ski Français (ESF - French Skiing School)

Tel. (during the season): 06 78 70 16 35

E-mail: esf.chalmazel@gmail.com

Website: esf.chalmazel.net

Bookings: group classes for children only

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/esfchalmazel


Children’s garden with a mat used solely for lessons taught by the ESF. 



Espace débutant muni d'un tapis roulant.

Types of lesson available

  • Individual lessons (skiing-snowboarding)
  • Group lessons
  • Ability tests

To assess your children’s ability, register them for the lessons that match their ability levels:


I can recognise my equipment.

I can start sliding downhill.


I know how to get my skis on and off.

I can do snowplough turns

I can get onto the first ski lifts.


I can do a snowplough turn and land with my skis parallel.

I can control my balance as I slide opposite the slope (little jumps from one foot to the other, small bumps, etc.) on a gentle slope.

1st STAR

I can do a series of basic sideslip turns.

I can do a step turn.

2nd STAR

I can control my turns with parallel skis using an uphill sideslip.

I can ski skating-style.

3rd STAR

I can ski parallel.

I can do a braking sideslip.


First untimed slalom course with a sharper basic turn, introduction to first jumps over small bumps.


Improving your downhill skiing, performing your first simple jump figures.


An introduction to competitive skiing, I can explore all kinds of skiing and hone my jumps.

Other activities available

Skiing and snowboarding lessons.

Snowshoe or cross-country skiing support.

Cross-country skiing lessons are available at the Col de la Loge (subject to there being sufficient bookings).

Cross-country skiing supervision for schoolchildren during the week (excluding holidays) at the Col de la Loge.

Book either by telephone or on-line using esf.chalmazel.net.

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