Other snow-related sites in the Loire

There are three areas in the south of the department where you can enjoy cross-country skiing, tobogganing or walks either on snowshoes or with sled dogs in the Monts du Pilat area - Le Bessat - Burdignes - Saint-Régis-du-Coin. 

The Le Col de la Loge ski resort

Altitude: 1,260 m - 1,420 m

The Le Col de la Loge ski resort has 78 kilometres of cross-country skiing slopes, with snow packed every day for ski skating.


1 – Le jas de Bitou – 3 km
2 – La montagnette – 6 km
3 – Les deux boules – 9 km
4 – La pigne – 12 km
5 – Le pas de la croix – 15 km
6 – Puy Gros – 16 km
7 – Le col du Béal – 17 km

The Le Col de la Loge Nordic area offers five snowshoe routes, with lengths ranging from 4 to 17 kilometres.


10 – Le bois de migois – 4 km
11 – Payanet – 6 km
12 – La Pirouse – 5 km
13 – Le Fossat – 10 km
14 – Liaison des 2 cols – 15 km


  • Tobogganing
  • Winter sled dogs
  • Electric mountain biking on snow
  • Skijouring



Les Monts du Pilat Nordic area

Stations de ski nordiqueAltitude: 950 m - 1,300 m

The Le Pilat regional natural park has three areas in which you can enjoy tobogganing, cross-country skiing, skating or snowshoe walking.

Le Bessat - Les Grands Bois

35 km of cross-country skiing slopes which are signposted, marked out and safe, with smooth surfaces for skating or ski skating over Nordic routes, starting from the Croix de Chaubouret, La Sagne (Le Bessat) or from Les Trois Croix – Col de la République (La Versanne).

Four slopes ranging from 2 to 12 km, exclusively for snowshoes, ski skating, dogs and walkers. Tobogganing area at the Croix de Chaubouret. This is a safe area with nets and mattresses so that young children (under the age of 3) can enjoy totally safe tobogganing more information about the Le Bessat Nordic area



40 km of introductory or Nordic routes which are signposted, marked out and safe, open to walkers, to people on snowshoes and ski skaters. The route starts from the Maison Dans La Nature, at La Faye.

More information about the Burdignes Nordic area



25 km of Nordic routes which are signposted, marked out and safe, open to ski skaters, starting from the cross-country skiing centre in the village. Snowshoes - 5 km of signposted packed snow “introductory routes”. 

More information about the Saint-Régis-du-Coin Nordic area




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