Off-track skiing

You can ski wherever you like, all over a well-preserved natural area. Cross-country skiing involves taking a trip through the mountains using the strength of your own legs to make your way back up the slopes. Then, once you get to the summit, you can admire the scenery and come back down on your skis which, although they may look like Alpine skis, are actually subtly different. This is an off-piste activity which requires introductory lessons and/or checking with Chalmazel ski resort to see whether the slope is safe to use before you set off.

Signposted route

picto-ski-randoAs we are aware of the growing number of people who enjoy cross-country skiing, Chalmazel ski resort has a 3.68 km route, marked in purple on the map of the resort, where you can combine walking and skiing.

This permanent cross-country skiing route has been created in partnership with the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (French Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), and starts with a trip through a wood, then heading out into the open with a view of the Alps mountain range, before you eventually get to the summit of the ski area.

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Details of the route

Distance: 3.68 km

Difference in altitude: 500 m

It is accessible only when the Chalmazel ski resort is open. You come back down via the slopes.

Please ask the slopes department about snow and weather conditions before setting off.

You can ring the ski resort on 04 77 24 85 09.

Introductory lessons

Every year, on the last Saturday in January, the Comité Territorial Montagne Escalade Loire, Haute-Loire (Loire Regional Mountaineering and Climbing Committee, Haute-Loire) offers an introduction to cross-country skiing and can help you to learn how to make proper use of the DVA (Détection de Victime Avalanche - Avalanche Victim Detection - device).


Chalma RANDO on 28th and 29th January 2022: information and registration



Fédération Française Montagne Escalade - Comité Loire Haute


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